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wms solutions

WMS Solutions

Our WMS implementations produce surprising efficiency gains by streamlining pick, pack, and put-away operations. From the receiving dock to the shipping dock, our warehouse management system tracks every movement of stock into, out of and within the warehouse, accuracy is greatly improved, up-to-the-minute inventory data becomes available, and the system more than pays for itself in 12-24 months with the economies gained. As a reseller of Radio Beacon, Intellitrack and ACCPAC WMS solutions, we can offer the following WMS options:

Receiving and putaway - Inventory can be received by purchase, order, product, or container. Multiple vendors per container are supported. Wave receiving allows individual receivers to process multiple purchase orders at the same time, and multiple receivers to work on the same purchase order simultaneously. The directed putaway feature allows for optimal stock placement.

Kitting - Our WMS solutions support in-warehouse manufacturing, packaging and value-added operations. Finished goods assembled from subcomponent products may be built to stock, built to order, or simply picked as regular items.

Inventory control - Stock is allocated and rotated according to rules you configure, such as FIFO, LIFO, size, lot, serial number, expiry date, velocity, and so on. Replenishment functions ensure that inventory is always available to fill orders, while demand management tools reduce your reliance on safety stock and allow for just-in-time purchasing. Our WMS solutions support full inventory counts and recounts as well as incremental cycle counts, and provides the facility to adjust physical inventory in or out of the warehouse.

Picking - Wave picking allows individual pickers to process several orders at a time, and to pack products directly into final shipping cartons -- all in a single pass through the warehouse. Multiple pickers can also work on a single order simultaneously. As our WMS solution supports a dozen different styles of picking, including batch, product, and zone picking, you can choose the optimal picking strategy for your warehouse layout.

Shipping - Whether an external shipping system is used or not, our WMS solutions weigh cartons and records shipment information, and upload final costs and tracking numbers to your accounting system. With a fully integrated shipping system, orders can be pre-rated and manifested before they are even picked.

Label and document printing - Our WMS solutions automatically print product labels, shipping labels, packslips, bills of lading, and other documentation, in conformance with manufacturing and shipping standards such as UPC/EAN, as well as various major retailers and shipping carriers’ formats, including Sears and FedEx. You can also create custom label types according to your, and your partners’, business requirements.

Order management - Our WMS solution’s Web Dispatch tool allows warehouse managers to allocate orders according to predefined business criteria, and distribute orders to pickers according to optimal staff workloads and picking strategies – all without the need to examine the details of orders.

Customer service - Using Web Dispatch, corporate personnel such as sales and customer service reps can verify the status of orders or inventory in real time. They can also use Web Dispatch’s incidents module to notify warehouse staff of issues, assign tasks to specific users, and follow up on resolutions.

Reporting - Web Dispatch provides dozens of pre-configured reports that monitor warehouse activities in real-time and compile historical and statistical data to help you measure warehouse performance, predict future demand, and re-engineer inventory storage and movement strategies. You can also generate custom reports and run database queries on the fly.

Technology - Running on Microsoft Windows OS, and Advantage Server or Microsoft SQL Server database platforms, our WMS solutions are a multi-threaded application consisting of server and Telnet- and HTTP-based client components. RFBase, our server executable, can be run on multiple networked servers to support higher numbers of clients and deliver enhanced performance.


AIDEA Inc is an authorized reseller and integrator of Intellitrack, RADIO BEACON and ACCPAC WMS solutions

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