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IntelliTrack® Warehouse Management System (WMS)

IntelliTrack WMS is an affordable and easy to use warehouse management solution. The software is feature rich and yet simply implemented to offer its user easy to use functions. WMS is offered in three cost effective versions that maximize efficiency and optimize labor productivity in numerous and diverse environments. They are Batch, RF (WiFi) Standard and RF Professional. All WMS offerings provide the basic functions for a warehouse operation such as inventory, shipping, receiving, and picking plus core management features such as queries, reporting and bar code labeling. WMS Professional includes advanced features such as space management, user defined directed put-away and picks, batched orders management, replenishment and a cross docking warning.

IntelliTrack WMS includes state-of-the-art bar code/RFID data collection applications on your portable data terminal (PDT) or PDA. These devices support bar code and RFID reading, mobile computing and networking systems (WiFi.) The PDT/PDA applications utilize the latest Microsoft ® handheld computer operating systems such as Windows CE ® and Pocket PC ®, and also support legacy operating systems such Microsoft DOS.

IntelliTrack WMS is completely scalable in application functionality and database back-ends. This flexibility allows the user to cost-effectively advance to desired features, databases and portable/workstation licenses as business growth demands. Upgrades are available for transitions from Batch to RF Standard to RF Professional or from batch/offline to wireless networking. WMS comes standard with Microsoft database engine (MSDE.) MSDE provides the growth to Microsoft’s SQL server, which means that an installation can comfortably manage tens of users and hundreds of thousands of SKUs with superb response time.

IntelliTrack provides documented stored SQL procedures that provide the completed order and shipping data. Within minutes, integrators can use these procedures to link to carrier’s shipping software. IntelliTrack offers a pre-defined link to UPS’s WorldShip® system.

Bar Code Labels
Bar code label printing are standard with all IntelliTrack products. Seagull Technology’s BarTender® module is integrated in our package. With an upgrade to the BarTender developer, a user can update or create any labels using different symbologies and data from IntelliTrack and other databases.

ERP, MRP, and Accounting Systems
IntelliTrack provides several tools and means to effectively provide data transfer.

  • Import-Export Utility
    Utility software is provided to populate data in the WMS database and also export from it. Frequency of transfer is also established as an option. All data transfer is performed as a background operation and does not require user intervention.
  • Staging Tables
    The WMS Staging Utility works with databases and tables with the same structures and relationships used in the WMS database.

    Staging is designed to be a two way system with data marked as incoming to WMS or outgoing from WMS. The WMS application imports/exports data from the WMS database to the Staging tables. Host systems can also import/export data from its tables to the Staging tables. Neither system communicates directly with the other, rather they use the Staging database as common ground.

  • Application Integrator®
    When your interfacing needs are more robust and the need is connect to Tier 1 systems (SAP, Oracle, JDE, PeopleSoft, Baan, SSA BPCS, MAPICS, etc.), then GXS’s Application Integrator TM is used to integrate WMS information with back-end business systems.

    Application Integrator excels in these primary areas:

    Ease of use in setting up B2B trading partners
    Communications setup
    Back-end integration/mapping
    Extensive library of supported B2B standards
    Data transformation performance

    Application Integrator fully supports both XML and EDI. Application Integrator can replace multiple alternative products.

    Thousands of customers around the world use Application Integrator as the solution to connect to their trading partners and integrate information into their back-end business systems.

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