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Symbol Portable Scanners


Versatile and feature-rich, Symbol Technologies' line of Portable Pen Terminals is designed to meet your information-intensive data management needs within your existing, and very demanding, mobile computing environment.  Take Symbol Technologies' Portable Pen Terminals to your point-of-decision making and see why our customers save time, increase productivity and turn our competitive-edge technologies into real-world profits.

PPT 2800
PPT 2800 Series Pocket PC
Description: Symbol's latest Pocket PC pen terminal is a rugged productivity tool for business professionals, featuring bar code scanning and real-time wireless communication.
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SPT 1800

SPT 1800
Description: This family of rugged mobile computers combines integrated scanning, sophisticated wireless connectivity and powerful processing capability with the Palm OS platform. With one-dimensional bar code data capture and wireless local area network (WLAN) or wireless wide area network (WWAN) communications, the SPT 1800 Series is a powerful productivity-enhancing tool, serving the multiple needs of today's growing mobile workforce.
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Available for a wide variety of data collection applications, hand-held computers and terminals from Symbol are specifically designed to meet today's challenging demands in data intensive business management.  Ask about our complete line of accessories and wireless capabilities that provide the ultimate in flexibility and convenience.

PDT 6100
  PDT 6100 Portable Data Terminal Series
Description:  Available in both retail and industrial versions, the PDT 6100 features the SE 900 miniature scan engine with 650 nm bright laser diode and a NiMH battery for demanding full-shift capabilities.  You have a choice of 35- or 46-key alphanumeric or 21-key numeric keyboard configurations, and 4- or 8-line by 20 character or 16-line by 21-character LCD display versions with optional backlighting and adjustable contrast setting for easy reading.
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PDT 6800
  PDT 6800 Portable Data Terminal Series
Description:  Featuring a large 16-line, backlit high-visibility display, the PDT 6800 is environmentally sealed against severe weather conditions and withstands multiple 4ft/1.2 m drops to concrete across its entire temperature range.  The PDT 6800 offers a spacious 35-key or 46-key alphanumeric keypad, internally mounted radio antenna and standard, long-range, or high-visibility laser bar code scanning options Spectrum24 and Spectrum One wireless LAN connectivity.
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PDT 7200
PDT 7200 Portable Data Terminal
Description:  Advanced Data Collection for Extreme Environments. The PDT 7200 is powered by a 486-based, 32-bit microprocessor and runs Microsoft DOS or Microsoft Windows CE. The innovative 7200 offers features such as voice paging, touch screen control, and one- or two-dimensional bar code scanning.
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PDT 7500
PDT 7500 Portable Data Terminal
Description: Designed for advanced bar code scanning, data processing, and communications in extreme environments. The PDT 7500 industrial computer features an innovative reverse grip with hand support, 30-character by 20-line display with backligihting for easy viewing, 36-key color-coded keypad, and lithium ion battery that operates for a full 10-hour shift. The 7500 runs industry-standard MS-DOS or Windows CE applications, and supports Spectrum24 Wireless LAN or Wide Area Networks.
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PDT 8100 Series Portable Data Terminal
Description: The first Pocket PC device available with multiple keyboard options, the versatile PDT 8100 is ideal for route accounting, healthcare, retail, and industrial applications. This rugged device is sealed to IP54 standards and features a large, easy-to-read 1/4 VGA display, backlit keyboard and rechargeable, extended-use lithium-ion battery. WLAN and WWAN connectivity enables the PDT 8100 to deliver data where and when it's needed.
View the PDT 8100 Series Data Sheet

VRC 7900
VRC 7900
Description: Offering the latest wireless LAN connectivity and the ability to interface with scanners, printers and other peripherals, the VRC 7900 in-vehicle computer offers true multi-tasking operations and multi-host connectivity.
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