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PSC Portable Scanners

Falcon® 4210 Flexible Mobile Computing Featuring Windows® CE

The new Falcon® 4210 is a compact, rugged handheld computer combining the flexibility of Microsoft's® Windows® CE operating system and applications with RF data communications, bar code scanning and optional magnetic stripe card processing.  The Falcon® 4210 is designed for retail, logistics, and field service applications where maximum performance is required in a compact form factor.

Falcon® 625/665 -Vehicle Mount Terminal

The Falcon 625 and 665 terminals are designed for use on any type of vehicle including forklifts in a warehouse, distribution center, or in outdoor environments.


Falcon® 510/515 -Fixed Station Terminal

Falcon 510/515
This new rugged fixed station terminal was designed with flexibility in mind; supporting open systems architecture, an extensive set of host connectivity options and interface capabilities.


Falcon® 340/345 - Portable Data Terminal

Falcon 340/345
These sleek new portable terminals were ergonomically designed with the end user in mind. Engineered to reduce fatigue, this weight is ideally balanced over the hand using a form-fit rubber-grip handle.


Falcon® 330/335 - Portable Data Terminal

Falcon 330/335
While the Falcon 330 provides ideal batch data collection solutions, the Falcon 335, excels in data collection over wide, on-campus areas where physical distances prohibit hardwiring.


Falcon® 320/325 - Portable Data Terminal

Falcon 320/325
The Falcon 320 provides batch data collection solutions, the Falcon 325, is a wireless data collection terminal, and ideal for data collection throughout the supply chain where real-time access to data is required.


Falcon® 310/315 - Portable Data Terminal

Falcon 310/315
Durable, ergonomically designed and flexible, these units have many features you would expect to find in a more expensive product.


PT 2000® - Portable Data Terminal

PT 2000
The PT 2000 gives you the flexibility to choose the appropriate input device for your application, whether it's a wand, CCD, 5V laser or I.D. badge scanner.



TopGun consists of a PSC PT 2000 portable data collection terminal integrated with a TopGun laser module. Weighing 16 ounces, TopGun is lightweight and easy to use.


Momentum™ II Scan Module

The new Momentum™ II bar code scanner gives you the power to transform any Handspring™ Visor™ handheld computer into a powerful portable data collection terminal.




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