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PSC Handheld Scanners

Industrial Scanners

PowerScan™ RF (Radio Frequency)

PowerScan RF
Wireless and rugged, available in Standard Range, High Density, Long Range, and Extra Long Range


PowerScan™ Long Range/Extra Long Range

PowerScan LR/XLR
Long Range: 7.5 - 100 mil codes from 6 inches - 22 feet


PowerScan™ Standard Range/High Density

PowerScan SR/HD
Undecoded or Wand Emulation / RS232 / IBM 46XX / Universal or Standard Keyboard Wedge


5300IP9X Auto Range™

The 5300IP9X AutoRange™ Scanner is an industrial bar code reader which provides the broadest depth of field for reading bar codes in shipping, receiving and inventory management applications.


General Purpose Products

QuickScan® Duet®

With the Duet® Dual Action scanner, retailers can now scan anything at the point-of-sale: small items, large bulky items, even items that aren't individually barcoded.


QuickScan® QS7000

QuickScan QS7000
This high performance addition to PSC´s QuickScan product family features a bright, two-color LED display, superior depth-of-field, multiple interfaces built into every scanner and the ability to read RSS bar codes.


QuickScan® QS6000 Plus

The QS6000 Plus handheld scanner offers great performance at a very affordable price. With a high first pass read rate and the best speed-to-read of any scanner in its class, the QS6000 Plus speeds retail checkout.


QuickScan® QS3000/QS3500

QuickScan 3000/3500
The QS3500 and QS3000 offer powerful scanning in an ergonomic and innovative design. With a large, bright LED window and adjustable beeper, they ensure fast user feedback. Both models read RSS bar codes and are GTIN ready.


QuickScan® QS2500 Linear Imager

QuickScan QS2500
For retail, office, and light-industrial applications, the QS2500 provides a mid-range depth of field, ability to read a wide range of bar codes including RSS and PDF417, and high durability and reliability - all at a very low price.


QuickScan® SnapShot®

The SnapShot laser scanner is the right choice for fast, accurate, non-contact scanning. It features an ergonomic design, fast, aggressive scanning performance, and a number of features not found in most laser scanners.


QuickScan® QS1000

The QS1000 offers you all the benefits of laser scanning at what used to be CCD prices. The triggerless design, snappy scanning, and optional "hands-free" stand, give you enhanced performance rarely found at such an affordable price.


QuickScan® QS200

The QS200 CCD scanner is a low cost and reliable way to improve your existing scanning process.



PowerWedge® 20 Decoders

PowerWedge 20
The PowerWedge 20 is a universal decoder, which can be used as either a keyboard wedge or a serial wedge decoder. Over 300 computers and terminals interface with the PowerWedge 20


PowerWedge® 10 Decoders

PowerWedge 10
the PowerWedge 10 decoder is available in keyboard wedge and serial versions. It is programmed using either a bar code menu, bar code batch labels, serial batch programming, cloning, or on-screen menus.


PowerWedge® Mini Decoders

PowerWedge Mini
The PowerWedge minis is a keyboard wedge decoder featuring a single 9-pin squeeze-style connector and a 25-pin interface connector that supports a variety of popular interfaces.




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