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HHP Handheld Scanners

Linear Image Readers
Extraordinary reading performance at half the cost of conventional laser scanners.

IMAGETEAM™ 3220 Hand Held Linear Imagers
   IT3220 Mid-Range Linear Imager

IMAGETEAM™ 3800 Hand Held Linear Imagers
   IT3800LX Hand Held Linear Imager
   IT3800VHD Very High Density Linear Imager
   IT3800IR Infrared Hand Held Linear Imager
   IT3800ESD Linear Imager for Clean Room Applications
   IT3800LR High Performance Linear Imager
   IT3800i Linear Imager in Apple iMac Colors

Cordless Scanning Systems
High performance scanners that increase mobility and reduce the probability of accidents.

IMAGETEAM™ 3870 Cordless Linear Imagers
   IT3870 Cordless Linear Imager

SCANTEAM® 5770 Cordless Scanning Systems
   ST5770 Cordless Laser Scanner
   ST5770ALR Cordless Long Range Laser Scanner

IMAGETEAM™ 3875 Cordless Linear Imagers
   IT3875 Interactive Cordless Linear Imager

Laser Scanners
Conventional bar code scanners for reading at a distance.

SCANTEAM® 5700 Hand Held Laser Scanners
   SCANTEAM® 5700 Advanced Long Range Laser Scanner
   ST5700 High Density Hand Held Laser Scanner
   SCANTEAM® 5700 High Performance Hand Held Laser Scanner

SCANTEAM® 5750 Hand Held Laser Scanners
   ST5750 Industrial Hand Held Laser Scanner

CCD Scanners
Extremely durable scanners for contact and near-contact applications.

VALUETEAM™ 3060/3080 Contact CCD Scanners
   VT3060B & 3080B Entry Level Hand Held CCD Scanners

Contact Scanners
Durable, low-cost solutions for contact applications.

SCANTEAM® 2380 Keyboard Wedge Contact Wands
   ST2380 Bar Code Wedge in a Wand

SCANTEAM® 6100 Non-Decoded Contact Wands
   ST6100 Contact Bar Code Scanner

SCANTEAM® 6180 Decoded Out Contact Wands
   ST6180 Bar Code Wand Reader/Decoder
   ST6180PC Serial Bar Code Reader and Serial PC Card


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