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Case Study No.0003
Packing Station for Subassemblies


Provide lot trace-ability and standard pack station functions as serialized sub-assemblies are prepared for shipping in AIAG labeled totes. Totes are labeled on both ends.


• Tracing record keeping needed.
• Tote contents needed for shipping.

AIDEA’s solution

A tote moves down the conveyor and into position. Once in position both end labels are scanned and checked. The tote ID is sent to the process server. Next the operator scans each assembly and inserts it into the tote. Each serial number is sent to the process server to confirm the part has properly passed through each step of production, establish lot trace-ability, and record the contents of the tote.

Product list:

AIDEA Versa-Check controller
Microscan MS-850 scanners (x2)
Symbol P360 hand scanner


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