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Case Study No.0001

Wireless Warehouse


A longstanding customer was implementing a new WMS system and needed to replace their current wireless system used on the warehouse floor. We not only had the wireless implementation expertise their WMS integrators did not have, but also a product line that was reliable, fast and easy to use.


Current 2.4ghz wireless system:
• was not 802.11b compliant
• was not fast enough for new WMS system
• was fast becoming obsolete

• Current manufacturer was purchased by another vendor and repair parts would be hard to find
• Did not support 802.11b wireless standard
• Did not support new wave of software allowing over the air configuration changes and program loading
• Battery life was becoming an increasingly bigger issue. Employees had to carry extra batteries in their pocket to complete an entire shift. Batteries were not being recharged or worse, becoming lost.

Gateway software:
• Current software was purchased by another vendor. New vendor would not support old software with new patches/fixes.
• Did not have access point network management features
• Did not allow terminals to access different host types at same time

AIDEA’s solution

After customer’s issues were outlined, we realized a solution could be put together with off the shelf hardware and software. We installed a new wireless backbone utilizing faster, cheaper, more reliable 802.11b standard. We put new terminals on the new backbone that would not be end of life for years using lithium ion batteries that lasted an entire shift. We configured the emulation software for the new host. This new software supported over the air configuration/program loading and updates, multiple host connections and wireless network management features from a software company with a history of great products and support. After the install/integration was complete, the customer had a wireless system that not only solved their issue list, but will give them troublefree service for years.

Product list:

Symbol’s PDT6846 mobile terminal
Symbol’s AP4121 access point
ConnectRF’s Powernet gateway software on a Windows 2000 server
ConnectRF’s Twin Client software
ConnectRF’s Vision sofware


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