Match code made easy. 

The new CodeWatch Basic from AIDEA Inc combined with a barcode scanner will make match code configuration issues a thing of the past.  Web browser set up and reporting remove the need for another piece of software to be lost or installed.  Control the CodeWatch Basic from any PC with a web browser. Click <HERE> for a working online sample of the configuration tool.

    What is match code?

Good question!!! The match code process takes the barcode data read from a scanner and matches it against a known good code. For example, your production line is running product 654DEF. You want to ensure that this product is what is on this line at this time. Set up the CodeWatch Basic for a single match code of 654DEF. Now when our barcode scanner reads your product barcode, it will be matched against 654DEF. If it doesn’t match, you receive a signal light, and audio alarm, and if configured, an output to stop production. Simple…

Do you have multiple lines in need of match code processes?

Allow the CodeWatch Basic to work in leader/follower mode.  Fully configure one CodeWatch Basic as the leader, then configure the other CodeWatch Basic units as followers and they will download the configuration from the leader and continue to download changes as you make them to the leader.  Ease of use is the name of the game with CodeWatch.



Don’t let the name fool you

Basic is just a name.  With 3 configurable outputs, audio alarm, big LED signal lamps, ethernet capability, and multiple barcode scanner choices, the CodeWatch Basic is THE tool for those match code operations.


The standard package includes everything you need for installation:

  • CodeWatch Basic unit
  • One barcode scanner
  • One photo eye
  • Cable for the barcode scanner
  • Crossover Ethernet cable
  • Line cord
  • Scanner Mount
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